Purpose of the 21 DayS Program


Learn How To Be The CREATOR of YOUR LIFE

Invest just 45 minutes a day for 30 days at your convenient timings.

Kavita Tulsian

Law of Attraction Coach | Author | Healer | Manifestation Coach

Why Me?

I am a Law of Attraction Coach, Life Transforming Coach, a Spiritual Healer, An Author of three best selling books on Amazon. I have been blessed to be a student of more than 15 World Class Gurus, Teachers and Mentors of national and international repute and what I am today is just because of their love and blessings upon me.

I have invested my precious, more than 12 years in learning from various Spiritual Schools and understanding how the Universal Laws work in exact precision every time. With a learning of over 10000 hours and an investment of over Rs.50 lakhs for learning these precious courses from the best of the Spiritual Teachers, Gurus and Mentors across the globe, I have now taken a personal mission to enhance LIFE | LOVE | LIBERTY of over 1 million people.

What Is This Course All About?

Creative Transformation is the course in which I would be taking you through various very important topics on Law of Attraction, which ranges from Advance topics to Highly Advance and complex topics. But the beauty of this course is that I have broken all the complexity in these topics and simplified them in such a manner that a kid of even 16 years with average intelligence can easily understand what I am explaining. My spiritual teachers had cracked the coded language in which the scriptures are written and I am going to present my learnings based on those teachings which are there in the scriptures.

I am super super excited to bring before you my 21 Days Advance Law of Attraction Course which is a step by step, action-oriented course having lots of tools and techniques and the knowledge of the deepest secrets of how the Universal Law of Attraction works and why it works for some and not for others. There will be lots of success stories shared for your easy understanding of the Law. We will have story telling where some useful stories will be shared which would solidify your concepts on Advanced topics.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I willing to let outer circumstances drive my present life?

  • Am I willing to let my “not so good” past situations come again and again in my life even in future?

  • Am I on a driver’s seat and directing my own life the way I want? If not, don’t I want to do that?

  • Am I enjoying my life in all the various aspects of my life, such as Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career, Money, Happiness, Success?

  • Are you feeling something is blocking your way towards growth?

  • Do you feel, you get through 90% of any work very fast but still cannot cross the winning line?

  • Do you find it extremely tough to forgive people and forget situations?

  • Do you feel you are not respected and appreciated enough as you should be?

  • Do you think your fears, past trauma, anger, anxiety, stress is affecting you every day?

  • Do you have a Winning, Happy Mindset, or you keep on comparing and complaining?

  • Do you think there are repeated patterns of failures, insults, mockery which you face?

There are innumerable questions which can be asked here. This is just an illustrative list of that. The point I want to say is – If you are not getting your answers in life for many questions, then chances are very high that you should get it here.

Why Should You Join This Course

In this super powerful course, I am giving you the best of the best extracts from my 10000 hours of learning to you. I have applied almost all the techniques, which I had learnt over these years, upon myself first and experimented them for years. What worked good for me, what worked better for me are all kept aside. I did not want to give those to you. What I am offering you is what worked best for me. I have cherrypicked those wonderful topics, those precious teachings and those miraculous tools myself – just for you. For something where I had invested over Rs.50 Lakhs till now, and giving you the best of the extracts from there, this course could have easily crossed Rs.1 lakh as your investment value, and that still would have been a very good value for money. But wait, I have got some awesome news for you. Click the Link Below.

Course Delivery Mechanism

a) The entire course has been very well structured and kept module wise.

b) The modules have been arranged in a professional manner such that the student begins with easier topics first. Advanced topics and highly advanced topics are introduced in the later part of the course.

c) All the modules are pre-recorded. This has been done deliberately so that the student can pause the video, do introspection while watching the same and also do his tasks which may come during the session itself. If these were LIVE videos, the student would not have got the time to do any sort of thinking and thus the whole purpose would have been defeated.

d) At the end of each day’s video, there may be certain tasks given by me which the student must complete for his own benefit. If the tasks are not done as advised by me, the results may be mixed results.

e) There may be certain concepts which are initially difficult to accept. But since the student has accepted me as their Coach, I expect them to trust me for the same, the same way in which I trusted my Teachers and now I understand how the Divine Law works. Hence, the students are advised to be like open cups and not filled up cups already before they attend my modules.

f) It is advisable to go through various modules serially and not jump over some topics. This would enable the students to get a clearer understanding of the entire discussions during each topic.

g) There will be some tasks which are advised to be done on a regular basis. Please follow the instructions to get the best results.

h) The entire course would be available to the students for a period of 2 years and they may access the same over the App any number of times for their better understanding.

i) The students, if entitled, would be able to join the Facebook Community, where they may interact with other students and may get many answers to their queries on a day to day basis.

What Preparation You Need

a) In fact, you do not need any preparation. Rather, be an open minded empty cup before going through the modules.

b) Identify, where you are at present, in each aspect of your life.

c) Ascertain, where you desire to be, in each area.

d) Identify one area or maximum two areas of your life upon which you would like to work upon.

e) Start working upon that area either by yourself, or through a mentor who would guide you through.

f) Take Action. Remember knowledge alone would never bring any result.
It is the same as going to the doctor for some treatment and keeping the prescription in your pocket without acting upon his medical advice. That would not help you cure the discomfort you are having. Taking those prescribed pills will help you. Similarly, gathering knowledge only will never help you, unless you decide to work upon yourself or as you are guided by your mentor.

g) Have full Faith for getting the desired results. Do your tasks as guided and leave it to the Universe. The Universe has its own ways of doing things.

Your Investment

For sharing such precious teachings for which I had invested so much of energy and then cherry picking the best tools so that you do not have to experiment everything upon yourself and straight away start getting amazing results from my recommended tools and techniques, it would have been very fair on my part to charge a Fees of Rs.99,000/- for this Creative Transformation Course. However, my Mission always comes first. I want to bring happiness to millions of lives through my mentoring and thus want to make it easy for my students to join the courses and grow in various aspects of life.

So I have decided, to make your Investment as little as possible for me.

BUT WAIT… There is More.

I have some Super Bonuses waiting for you

  • Access to my Private Creative Transformation Group for Lifetime (Value Rs.5000/-)

  • My Best Seller eBooks (PDF Version) – “I Am Enough” (Value Rs.199/-) and “Together We Rock” (Value Rs.699/-)

  • Three Months Handholding consisting of 12 Sessions of One Hour Each where I personally will answer lots of your questions and clear your doubts (Value Rs.30000/-)


Rs.99,000/- + Rs. 199/- + Rs. 699/- + Rs.30,000/- = Rs. 129,898/- + GST


What It Takes You To Achieve The Success

a) Identifying Clear Goals to Achieve Your Desires

b) Understand What Is Blocking Your Way

c) Clear Those Negative and Limiting Beliefs

d) Putting Your Thoughts Into Massive Actions

e) Continue to Work Upon The Guidance Given

f) Be Consistent And Persistent Along With Having Faith

g) Have A Trust Worthy Coach To Hold Your Hands And Sail You Through

Some Success stories

Who Should Join This Program?

Students & Young Turks

The most important ingredient to become successful in life is how and what we think. The concept is similar to GIGO i.e. Garbage In – Garbage Out. However, to progress, we have to reverse our thinking process so that we make it SISO i.e. Success In – Success Out. If you are young professional, it would help you scale up your business very fast and give you the desired success at jet speed. If you are still a student, you can create your destiny by paving your path for your higher education and desired career.


For those who are looking to scale up their professional career and perfect their work-life balance.


For those who wants to uprise their income graphs and make their personal life more enjoyable.


For those who wants to manage home chores effectively with calmer and happier life and also explore the potential within them.


At Sub-conscious Level

It will help you release limiting beliefs and programming about Health, Wealth and Relationship. You will also get Power Packed Tools and Result Oriented Tasks to instill new positive patterns and behaviour at your Sub-Conscious Level.

At Conscious Level

This Program will help you create desired goals and work for them till you actually manifest them in your life. Learn the correct way to use the various tools and techniques of law of Attraction and have a right mindset.


Hi! I am Kavita Tulsian.

I am a Manifestation Coach, a Healer, A Law of Attraction Coach and an Author of three Best-Seller Self Help Books titled – ‘I Am Enough’, ‘Together We Rock’ and ‘Hold My Hands’. I had a glorious career as a reputed fashion designer having FDCI Membership and created a lot of goodwill for myself during the first 10 years of my career. I earned a lot of name, fame and money in the process, but somewhere deep within, I was not a happy person. The business demanded a lot from me and it took some toll on my physical fitness and my relationships with many people also got affected. One fine day, I took the industry by surprise when I called it ‘Quits’ from this industry.

I was searching for something beyond what I had achieved…something which would make me happy, peaceful, loving, having perfectly fit body and enjoying life. I came across Pranic Healing and joined the school. My journey to Spirituality and Self Transformation had just begun. This was year 2010. Since then, I kept moving forward seeking more and more wisdom of the Universal Laws and the way they work in exact precision. I completed almost all courses in Pranic Healing (Manila) and became Arhatic Yogi. I joined various other schools and did Graphology, Past Life Therapy, Angel Therapy, Tarot Card Reading and also did my Diploma in Counselling. Then I joined ‘Heal Your Life’ Courses (USA) and became a Trainer in the same. Finally, I dedicated myself to the Law of Attraction. My soul was like a dry sponge and was soaking all the wisdom which it was gathering all this while. I have been extremely fortunate to be a student of many world famous Spiritual Teachers and Leaders across the globe.

My whole life started changing. My fitness started getting better. I started living a happier and more fulfilling life. At the same time, I started helping people in improving their lives in any aspect, be it their Health situation, Finance challenges, Career issues, Relationship challenges or any other aspect which normally a human has. People to whom I was providing solutions, started getting huge results and started appreciating me. This encouraged me to take this as my career since my hunger to serve more people became my top most priority. I immediately knew, this was my soul calling which I was seeking.

After 12 years of my journey till now, my own life has transformed and I have transformed thousands of lives. My day starts with notes of gratitude which I receive from my students and those who benefitted from my courses, treatments and guidance. My day ends with my Gratitude to the benevolent Universe who has bestowed its kindest of blessings and love upon me.



What Am I Here For?

I am here to bring LIFE – LOVE – LIBERTY in the lives of people.

The above Trinity of LIFE – LOVE – LIBERTY is of huge significance.

Life signifies Growth – Right from Birth, one starts growing physically and mentally and also starts developing Emotionally and seek Spiritual Evolution. Keeping oneself perfectly fit physically, emotionally and mentally is a major goal which each individual has. I help them achieve this through the Universal Teachings, various tools and techniques and my guidance regarding the same.

Love brings Happiness – Happiness is one thing which depends on all the four aspects of your life – Health, Wealth, Relationship and Self Evolution, which may also be called Spirituality. If any one aspect is missing in one’s life, the first thing which gets affected is Happiness. I guide my students on all these four aspects of life which helps them work on their weaker areas.

Liberty is the ultimate goal of all the people taking birth. Liberty from Financial Challenges, Health Challenges, Relationship Challenges, Emotional Challenges, Mental Challenges and so on. My tools and techniques have been devised scientifically based upon the Divine Teachings and they bring miraculous results to its users who surrender themselves and have full faith in the process.

I am on a Mission!

I AM on a Mission to bring LIFE – LOVE – LIBERTY to a Million Lives

Mission to help them achieve their goals related to Fitness, Relationship, Career, Wealth Creation and in any other areas of their life which they can think of.

Mission to bring Joy, Happiness, Love, Financial Freedom, Huge Abundance & Prosperity, Perfect Fitness (physical, emotional or mental), Spiritual Evolution to those who are desperately seeking them.

Mission to make ordinary people – extraordinary.

Mission to become Version 2.0 from their existing Version 1.0

Mission to help one million people to live a life of their dreams.

Why Am I On This Mission?

The 12 Years of my Spiritual Journey made me come closer to the Society and I could peep deeper into the reality. I could see the pain behind the smiling faces or the brave faces. People were seeking for some help everywhere, in various aspects of life.

If someone was having huge abundance, they were struggling with either health issues or their relationships have gone for a toss.

Where there was perfect fitness, people were struggling to achieve their financial goals, and so on.

Challenges were there, everywhere. The voice deep within me was telling me loud and clear – “Kavita, you are needed here”. I just followed this voice. I knew, I was meant to bring a change. So, here I AM.

Register Now to claim my Bestseller Books – “I AM ENOUGH” (PDF Version) priced at Rs.299/- and “TOGETHER WE ROCK” (PDF Version) priced at Rs.699/- ABSOLUTELY FREE.








Who is this 21 Day Program for?

This program is for all the people of any age above 16 years, who are desirous of experiencing success in health, wealth, career and relationships.

When can I get access of the program?

This program is all pre recorded and once you register, you get the direct accessibility of the program in our App, which remains with you for 2 years.

Do I get any refund if I do not like the program?

Once you join the program, you cannot get any refund for the same. However, we are very sure, you would love this program because it has a very powerful content and the mode of delivery is very simple and easy to understand.

Do I need to bring anything?

Be an empty cup. Be ready to receive. These teachings may initially be a little challenging to accept and believe in the beginning for some people, but at the end, it is results which speak. Just have Faith in these Universal Laws and Teachings. Carry a pen, a notebook and keep some water at disposal.

Which Language would the course be conducted in?

The entire course would be conducted in a mix of English and Hindi language. If the student understands even basic Hindi and basic English, they would easily be able to grasp the teachings.


This Program is designed to get you your desired results based on your commitment level. Hence, in the absence of any results, neither Kavita Tulsian nor any of the members in her team can be held responsible in whichsoever way.

The 30 Day CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION Program is a PRE RECORDED program and you would get access of the same through Kavita Tulsian’s App, which you need to download.

This program does not guarantee any results. Success stories of others are commensurate to their efforts and tasks completed by them to achieve their results.

Students are expected to take consistent action and complete the tasks provided at the end of every module, before proceeding to the next module.

Students not doing the tasks in accordance, may get mixed success results.

No Refunds or Credits shall be provided, nor any Substitutes shall be allowed to attend the classes.