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Why Me?

I am a Manifestation Coach, Life  Coach, a Spiritual Healer, An Author of three best selling. I have now taken a personal mission to enhance LIFE | LOVE | LIBERTY of over 1 million people. During my spiritual career, I myself have healed innumerable people, families and even businesses.

Yes, Healing happens not only to humans, but to businesses as well, to enhance and to grow them.

How It All Started?

In my childhood days, I used to read a lot of comic books of Superheroes,

using their super-natural powers and protecting the world.

I used to wonder,

How good it would be if I had a Magic Lamp and a genie appearing

Ready to fulfill all my wishes, saying – “Your Wish Is My Command”

Then I grew up…..

I was told that these are fantasy stories only.

I stopped believing that this can ever happen.

But somewhere, I had compassion when I used to see people suffering.

I used to imagine, that somehow, I could heal them and bring their happiness back.

My imagination of becoming a healer was so strong that Universe conspired

And made my path become clearer.

I entered spirituality and learnt spiritual healing from various school of thoughts,

I learnt from more that 15 world class Gurus,

Invested more than 400 days of learning till now, in last 12 years of my spiritual journey

With over Rs.50 lakhs of investment amount during this period

Saw lots of ups and downs, beliefs and disbeliefs, mocked and laughed upon,

But I kept my Faith, I kept my Persistence,

I remembered my words – “I AM A PROMISE TO MYSELF”

That I want to be a Spiritual Healer and a Life Manifestation Coach.

I did succeed. My faith paid off. My persistence gave me my most cherished reward.

Today, I am healing so many people every day from all walks of life.

My day starts with Gratitude to the Universe for making me an instrument of what I am doing.

My day ends with lots of gratitude messages received by me from my students who achieved various successes for which they were desirous of.

Have You ever found yourself having an Inner Conversation like these

“Maybe, I would become rich one day, if luck favours me”

“Perhaps, happiness is not there in my life”

“I hope my relationship with my spouse improves one day.”

“I have to live my entire life with this ailment.”

“I will get my promotion only with new boss coming in.”

“No matter whatever I do, I am not succeeding in life.”

Have you ever found yourself having an inner conversation hearing such statements and other similar ones?

If yes, well, you are NOT the only one.

Most of us have many such questions keeping on bothering us but we do not know how to handle these.

But I have brought some good news for you.

What is Ho’oponopono?

During my journey to achieve this success,

I learnt few very important principles of life.

These important principles were the Divine Laws of the Universe.

Amongst many important ones, I understood

The Importance of FORGIVENESS

And accepting the fact that one himself is the reason

For anything happening in his life.


Questions used to pop up in my mind

Why should I forgive someone who has not done any good to me, rather harmed me?

Why should I ask for forgiveness even when I did not do anything wrong at all?

Why would the other person not ask for forgiveness? Why me only?

Why should I accept the responsibility of everything happening in my life?

How is it possible that I am the reason for everything happening in my life?

It took me sometime to accept both these concepts. But I did.

Good, that I did.

I came across the magical Ho’oponopono Prayer

Which made it so easy for me.

It is a 4-sentence ancient Hawaiian Prayer with magical healing powers.

It helped me heal myself, it helped me heal so many people, magically.

It is a prayer for self-healing where we forgive others, and with it ourselves too.

We use four most powerful energy forces at one go in this prayer –

I AM SORRY – Energies of Repentance & Acceptance.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME – Energies of Forgiveness.

THANK YOU – Energies of Gratitude.

I LOVE YOU – Energies of Love.

One may understand, what can be the impact when FOUR VERY POTENT ENERGY COMBINES as one. When these are combined together with feelings, it brings about MIRACULOUS HELAING.

This prayer requires you to accept that you take full responsibility for your feelings

and accept that wrong was done by you and you are sorry for that.

Then you project the energies of gratitude and love which are very powerful forces.yOU 

Does Ho’oponopono Prayer Really Work?

Many of my clients were initially reluctant to believe that with these four sentences,

How can any healing take place?

Secondly, they were thinking of the same questions.

As I used to think initially.

But, they had faith on me and my processes.

They trusted me initially and started practicing this prayer.

Magical results started happening in their life within a week.

This increased their faith and desired results started pouring in.

Now lot of them are practicing it regularly and getting wow results.

Many came to me with a request that I teach them Ho’oponopono Healing

So that they can also bring smiles on other people’s face.

This aligned with my mission of bringing happiness in one million lives.

This Prayer has been seen as one of the most Powerful and Potent Tool

Which melts the biggest of mountains and challenges a person is facing.

If this is done diligently, it gives miraculous results at jet speed.

It heals past traumas, negative beliefs and patterns, doubts and fears,

It heals your Inner Child and also does Ancestral Healing and heals bad memories.

Be it for Business, or for Health, For Career Growth or for Improved Relationship,

If done with full faith, Ho’oponopono is the fastest and surest way to manifest your desires.

What Is This Course All About?


This would be a NINE DAY’S LIVE COURSE where I will teach you to become a Certified HO’OPONOPONO HEALER.

Classes will be conducted everyday. Details shall be shared.

Imagine JUST IN NINE DAYS YOU HAVE A NEW CAREER  of your own with very little investment.

You will get a COMPLETELY FREE ONE MONTH PRACTICAL TRAINING where I will personally take Group Healings.

You will be able to heal yourself, your family, others and anyone, anywhere in the world and make it as your career.

These will be LIVE sessions conducted online and if you miss any classes, you may watch the video on my App.

You will get access to online community where your doubts can be clarified.

There will be sharing of case studies which would provide you confidence in your healing process.

You would be taught Basic to Advance levels of Ho’oponopono.

You would also learn Ancient Techniques of Ancestral Healing and Inner Child Healing.

We will help you Unlock your full potential and reconnect with your true self.

We will advise you how to market yourself and start earning from this.

All this will help you become a qualified Ho’oponopono Healer.

You may start your own Ho’oponopono Healing Sessions.

Imagine, how good you would feel when you are earning by doing such a noble job, Of bringing smile to a face, happiness and relief to a family and at the same time earning out of it and building your career too.

How Would the 6 Weeks Unfold?

Know about the power of Ho’oponopono and its origin.

Knowledge of Basic and Advance Ho’oponopono Healing.

Advance Ho’oponopono for improvement in Relationships.

Advance Ho’oponopono for improvement in Health Conditions.

Advance Ho’oponopono for Business, Money and Career growth.

Conversational Ho’oponopono for past traumas, bad memories and emotions.

Conversational Ho’oponopono for fear, anxiety, depression.

Apart from the knowledge and practice of the above style of Ho’oponopono, you will also be guided for starting your own Ho’oponopono Healing Career and attract Abundance while doing a great noble job and bringing happiness to others.

We will give you Step by step guidance by providing you Readymade Ho’oponopono Scripts, Marketing Ideas, Sales Scripts and how to attract clients through paid and organic marketing.

Course Delivery Mechanism

Your Investment

For such a deep knowledge of a super powerful technique, where you are empowered to yourself become a master and a healer and conduct your own classes and start your own career, the value of such a course could have easily been Rs.124,900 + GST.

But I always keep my Mission in my mind first.

I want to bring Happiness to Millions.

I alone cannot heal one million people.

I need YOU to join my Mission by extending your hands and move forward with me.

So I have decided, to make your Investment as little as possible for me.

BUT WAIT… There is More.

I have some Super Bonuses waiting for you

  • Access to my Private Ho’oponopono Healers Group for Lifetime (Value Rs.5000/-)

  • Super Advanced Ho’oponopono Techniques (Value Rs.21000/-)

  1. Inner Child Ho’oponopono Healing for deep rooted emotions

  2. Ancestral Ho’oponopono Healing for removing ‘so called’ ancestral curses.

  3. Blue Solar Water Ho’oponopono Technique

  4. Ho’oponopono Technique for finding Ideal Partner 


Rs.124,900/- + Rs. 5,000/- + Rs. 21,000/- = Rs. 150,900/- + GST


What preparation you need

a) In fact, you do not need any preparation. Rather, be an open minded empty cup before going through the modules.

b) Take Action. Remember knowledge alone would never bring any result.

c) Have full Faith for getting the desired results. Do your tasks as guided and leave it to the Universe. The Universe has its own ways of doing things.

d) Start practicing immediately after the first session. The more you practice, more you would understand the technique and better would be the results.

Some Success stories

Who Should Join This Program?

Compassionate Individuals

Ho’oponopono is a service you are rendering as a Healer to your clients to bring happiness in his life. It has been seen that individuals who are compassionate, often get great results very fast.

Career Seekers

This program is aimed to make you a Healer. It is power packed to make a great career for you in the field of healing.

Coaches & Mentors

If coaching and mentoring is your passion, then this is a great option for you to adopt Ho’oponopono Coaching under your list of services.


For those who wants to manage home chores effectively with calmer and happier life and also explore the potential within them and are willing to serve people and also earn out of it from the comfort of their home.


Hi! I am Kavita Tulsian.

I am a Manifestation Coach, a Healer, A Law of Attraction Coach and an Author of three Best-Seller Self Help Books titled – ‘I Am Enough’, ‘Together We Rock’ and ‘Hold My Hands’. I had a glorious career as a reputed fashion designer having FDCI Membership and created a lot of goodwill for myself during the first 10 years of my career. I earned a lot of name, fame and money in the process, but somewhere deep within, I was not a happy person. The business demanded a lot from me and it took some toll on my physical fitness and my relationships with many people also got affected. One fine day, I took the industry by surprise when I called it ‘Quits’ from this industry.

I was searching for something beyond what I had achieved…something which would make me happy, peaceful, loving, having perfectly fit body and enjoying life. I came across Pranic Healing and joined the school. My journey to Spirituality and Self Transformation had just begun. This was year 2010. Since then, I kept moving forward seeking more and more wisdom of the Universal Laws and the way they work in exact precision. I completed almost all courses in Pranic Healing (Manila) and became Arhatic Yogi. I joined various other schools and did Graphology, Past Life Therapy, Angel Therapy, Tarot Card Reading and also did my Diploma in Counselling. Then I joined ‘Heal Your Life’ Courses (USA) and became a Trainer in the same. Finally, I dedicated myself to the Law of Attraction. My soul was like a dry sponge and was soaking all the wisdom which it was gathering all this while. I have been extremely fortunate to be a student of many world famous Spiritual Teachers and Leaders across the globe.

My whole life started changing. My fitness started getting better. I started living a happier and more fulfilling life. At the same time, I started helping people in improving their lives in any aspect, be it their Health situation, Finance challenges, Career issues, Relationship challenges or any other aspect which normally a human has. People to whom I was providing solutions, started getting huge results and started appreciating me. This encouraged me to take this as my career since my hunger to serve more people became my top most priority. I immediately knew, this was my soul calling which I was seeking.

After 12 years of my journey till now, my own life has transformed and I have transformed thousands of lives. My day starts with notes of gratitude which I receive from my students and those who benefitted from my courses, treatments and guidance. My day ends with my Gratitude to the benevolent Universe who has bestowed its kindest of blessings and love upon me.



What Am I Here For?

I am here to bring LIFE – LOVE – LIBERTY in the lives of people.

The above Trinity of LIFE – LOVE – LIBERTY is of huge significance.

Life signifies Growth – Right from Birth, one starts growing physically and mentally and also starts developing Emotionally and seek Spiritual Evolution. Keeping oneself perfectly fit physically, emotionally and mentally is a major goal which each individual has. I help them achieve this through the Universal Teachings, various tools and techniques and my guidance regarding the same.

Love brings Happiness – Happiness is one thing which depends on all the four aspects of your life – Health, Wealth, Relationship and Self Evolution, which may also be called Spirituality. If any one aspect is missing in one’s life, the first thing which gets affected is Happiness. I guide my students on all these four aspects of life which helps them work on their weaker areas.

Liberty is the ultimate goal of all the people taking birth. Liberty from Financial Challenges, Health Challenges, Relationship Challenges, Emotional Challenges, Mental Challenges and so on. My tools and techniques have been devised scientifically based upon the Divine Teachings and they bring miraculous results to its users who surrender themselves and have full faith in the process.

Who is this 6 Week Program for?

This Online Program is for all the people of any age above 16 years, who are desirous of experiencing success in health, wealth, career and relationships and are also desirous of healing others.

What Is The Mode Of Delivery Of This Course?

The course delivery will happen through live online classes or recorded sessions through our App. 

Do I get any refund if I do not like the program?

Once you join the program, you cannot get any refund for the same. However, we are very sure, you would love this program because it has a very powerful content and the mode of delivery is very simple and easy to understand.

Do I need to bring anything?

Be an empty cup. Be ready to receive. These teachings may initially be a little challenging to accept and believe in the beginning for some people, but at the end, it is results which speak. Just have Faith in these Universal Laws and Teachings. Carry a pen, a notebook and keep some water at disposal.

I have no experience in Healing before this? Would I be able to benefit out of this?

When I started my journey, I was a complete novice. I took one step at a time. What is most important is to remain focused and be persistent. Keep following the simple instructions given and keep doing your tasks and practices.

Will this program help me in healing myself and my loved ones?

Once you yourself become a Healer, you would be able to heal everyone including yourself and your loving family. That is the beauty of it. You are multi tasking – keeping yourself fit, healing any of your family members, healing others and acquire huge abundance through these practices and establish a career for yourself in healing.

Which Language would the course be conducted in?

The entire course would be conducted in a mix of English and Hindi language. If the student understands even basic Hindi and basic English, they would easily be able to grasp the teachings.


This Program is designed to get you your desired results based on your commitment level. Hence, in the absence of any results, neither Kavita Tulsian nor any of the members in her team can be held responsible in whichsoever way.

The 6 Week HO’OPONOPONO MASTERY PROGRAM is a Live / Recorded program taken by Kavita Tulsian herself, and you would get details of the program dates after you join the program.

This program does not guarantee any results. Success stories of others are commensurate to their efforts and tasks completed by them to achieve their results.

Students are expected to take consistent action and complete the tasks provided at the end of every module, before proceeding to the next module.

Students not doing the tasks in accordance, may get mixed success results.

No Refunds or Credits shall be provided, nor any Substitutes shall be allowed to attend the classes.