Kavita Tulsian

I am a Life Manifestation Coach

A Spiritual Healer, A Law of Attraction Coach
An Author of Three Best-Selling Books on Amazon on Self Help

Who am I?

hi i am kavita tulsian

I am a Life Manifestation Coach, a Healer, A Law of Attraction Coach and an Author of three Best-Seller Self Help Books titled – ‘I Am Enough’, ‘Together We Rock’ and ‘Hold My Hands’. I had a glorious career as a reputed fashion designer having FDCI Membership and created a lot of goodwill for myself during the first 10 years of my career. I earned a lot of name, fame and money in the process, but somewhere deep within, I was not a happy person. The business demanded a lot from me and it took some toll on my physical fitness and my relationships with many people also got affected. One fine day, I took the industry by surprise when I called it ‘Quits’ from this industry.

What am I here for?

I am here to bring LIFE – LOVE – LIBERTY in the lives of people. The above Trinity of LIFE – LOVE – LIBERTY is of huge significance. LIFE SIGNIFIES GROWTH – Right from Birth, one starts growing physically and mentally and also starts developing Emotionally and seek Spiritual Evolution. Keeping oneself perfectly fit physically, emotionally and mentally is a major goal which each individual has. I help them achieve this through the Universal Teachings, various tools and techniques and my guidance regarding the same. LOVE BRINGS HAPPINESS – Happiness is one thing which depends on all the four aspects of your life – Health, Wealth, Relationship and Self Evolution, which may also be called Spirituality. If any one aspect is missing in one’s life, the first thing which gets affected is Happiness. I guide my students on all these four aspects of life which helps them work on their weaker areas. LIBERTY IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL of all the people taking birth. Liberty from Financial Challenges, Health Challenges, Relationship Challenges, Emotional Challenges, Mental Challenges and so on. My tools and techniques have been devised scientifically based upon the Divine Teachings and they bring miraculous results to its users who surrender themselves and have full faith in the process.

I am on a Mission!

I am on a Mission to bring LIFE – LOVE – LIBERTY to a Million Lives

Mission to help them achieve their goals related to Fitness, Relationship, Career, Wealth Creation and in any other areas of their life which they can think of.

Mission to bring Joy, Happiness, Love, Financial Freedom, Huge Abundance & Prosperity, Perfect Fitness (physical, emotional or mental), Spiritual Evolution to those who are desperately seeking them.

Mission to make ordinary people – extraordinary.

Mission to become Version 2.0 from their existing Version 1.0

Mission to help one million people to live a life of their dreams.

Why am I
On this Mission?

The 12 Years of my Spiritual Journey made me come closer to the Society and I could peep deeper into the reality. I could see the pain behind the smiling faces or the brave faces. People were seeking for some help everywhere, in various aspects of life.

If someone was having huge abundance, they were struggling with either health issues or their relationships have gone for a toss.

Where there was perfect fitness, people were struggling to achieve their financial goals, and so on.

Challenges were there, everywhere. The voice deep within me was telling me loud and clear – “KAVITA , YOU ARE NEEDED HERE”. I just followed this voice. I knew, I was meant to bring a change. So, here I AM.

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