Kavita Tulsian


How is Coaching done?

Coaching will be done over Zoom or any other medium of video calling. In some courses, coaching will happen through recorded videos on the App.

Is coaching affordable?

The results that one can achieve is unmatched with any fee that can be set of this kind of service. But saying so Coaching is affordable and very much in reach of everyone those who value its true essence.

Is coaching result oriented?

Yes, Coaching is very result-oriented and goal specific. For each session, a goal is decided and corrective actions are taken to achieve them. It is future bound. All the goals and tasks assigned are to be accomplished in the immediate or distant future.

Is coaching similar to counselling, mentoring, Therapy or consulting?

No. Coaching is operated from the premise that the client is fully capable of carrying out certain actions to bring about a positive change, is sane and equipped to achieve what has been laid out during the coaching session. Coaching doesn’t involve any kind of telling, directing or leading by the coach as opposed to mentoring. Coaching is also not like counselling which offers therapeutic effect to a client and nor is it like consulting where the coach brings her knowledge in helping you formulate a plan. Coaching is about intelligent questioning which can unearth important answers and facts which could lead to solutions to the client’s ongoing issue.